Faithfully serving others to make them feel welcome and ensure that the services run smoothly.

Instructions for Ushers

  • Primary responsibility is to greet guests entering the main auditorium and direct people to their seats.  
  • Try having one usher at each entrance, and an usher at the back of the auditorium at the two aisles to help direct them. 
  • Stand near the exits while congregants exit to thank them for coming and 'monitor' the offering collection buckets.
  • Be proactively walking the aisles to help find open seating for late arriving guests, especially for the 10:20 service
  • If you need Chris from on-stage to ask people to squeeze in, go to the sound booth and the tell team there to give Chris the signal to ask people to scoot in towards the center of their row.
  • If someone has a wheelchair or walker, remove a chair (or two, or three) to make room for their device and the keep the aisle ways clear for others.
  • During the 9:00 and 10:20 service, please close all 8 doors near the kitchen side when the music begins, so as to not interrupt the service in the side auditorium.
  • Help Collect the offering buckets after the auditorium clears and take those to the office.
  •  For collection/sorting, remember:
  • There always must be at least two people involved with sorting and depositing (and the two people doing this must be unrelated/unconnected, e.g., not husband/wife/dating).
  • Never ever open an offering envelope. This will be done by the accounting team during the week for proper tax accounting for the giver.
  • Large envelopes are in the tall cabinet across from the counting table. Rubber bands are in the drawer near the cabinet. Drop everything into the slot.

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