Learn more about Dominican missions.

For several years, the kids at Calvary have collected school items to send with Calvary members Ale Encarnacion and Eilyn Hidalgo when they travel to their home church of Templo Biblico Villa Faro  in the DR to help with their summer VBS. Our church is partnering with this church in prayer and teams travel there in every summer to work along side their VBS program, helping and learning from them.

We also partner with the International Justice Mission field office in Santo Domingo in prayer and financial support.

"I have been on many different types of mission trips and the Dominican Missions and Learning Mission Trip is one of my favorite trips because it immerses you in the culture by living with local families and worshiping/serving with a local church. You not only get to meet the physical and spiritual needs of many around you but you grow in your understanding of your brothers and sisters in Christ in another culture, broadening your world view." - Nettie