Learn more about Project House of Hope missions in Haiti.

Calvary partners with Project House of Hope ministries in Haiti. Project House of Hope focuses on four core development programs: orphan care, sustainable farming, women’s empowerment and community development. Calvary member, Jane Brzezinski is a board member for House of Hope and is our point of contact for those interested in sponsoring a child living in the PHOP orphanage. Calvary sent teams to Haiti before the gang activity made travel to dangerous not just for our team but for the PHOH staff in Haiti.

Gangs have taken over approximately 80 percent of the country’s capital city Port au Prince. There are no elected officials running the government. Food insecurity is at its highest and food prices have doubled. Even though there are areas in Haiti not experiencing gang activity, the gangs are moving further north of the capital and are only 30 miles from Montrouis. When gangs take over a town, they kidnap, kill, rape, burn houses, and force residents to flee to the next city with few possessions. In the PHOH area of Montrouis, the residents live under constant stress and fear that the gangs will invade their city. Even the children in the orphanage are dealing with anxiety. Le Refuge School is operating normally but they have had to add security to protect the students and the building.


You can help by becoming a FOOD SPONSOR. Your gift of $25/month will allow PHOH to purchase food and supplies for the orphanage. Learn more below:

Food Sponsorship Program

Food prices in Haiti have doubled. Most of the kids at Project House of Hope are teenagers so they eat much more. Even with the number of sponsors PHOH has for the orphanage, they are falling short each month to meet the costs to support the needs of the children. Fill out the form below if you are interested in making a $25 monthly donation to help purchase bags of rice, beans, cornmeal, and clean water to feed the children at PHOH. They need 8 sponsors to cover the cost of rice, 14 to cover the cost of beans, 3 to cover cornmeal, and 8 to cover clean water.