Download the app. Update your info.

Add the Church Center App to your phone so that Calvary events, groups, and more are just a click away. This is not the Info Hub - -they are two different tools - both designed to help keep you connected at Calvary.

There are a MANY important things that you can use this app for:

  1. Keeping your contact information in our database. The Church Center App is connected to Calvary's Planning Center People database that we use for sending important emails about life at Calvary. From the Church Center App you can update your address, email, phone, and even upload a picture. You can update your household as well.
  2. Signing up for events and volunteer opportunities. When you click on the app there is an option at the bottom for 'signups'. This is what we were using when registration was required during Covid. When you go to signups, you will see a list of all events coming up at Calvary that require registration (for example our Training & Equipping Classes). There will also be volunteer opportunities that require signs ups (for example the Party at the Park). People can see all the events they signed up for or bookmarked, along with their volunteer schedule, all in the Profile tab of their Church Center account. Volunteers can see their event and volunteer schedules and requests in one place.
  3. Finding and joining groups at Calvary. Our small groups and affinity groups are starting to use the Church App as their "hub" - a place where they can send messages, share prayer requests, post events, share resources etc. When you click 'groups' at the bottom of the homepage, you can browse groups and request to join. Some of our groups include Single Parents, Support for Families who Foster & Adopt, or our Global Community group.
  4. Sunday morning Check-Ins.  Check-in is less hectic when parents can pre-select the family members they want to check in before they even arrive. All they have to do to check in or out is scan the security code on their phones.  
  • Congregants in the Main Auditorium are also encouraged to Check-in using the App to better help us engage with you.

How to install the Calvary Church App

  1. Go to the app store on your phone.
  2. Search for the "CHURCH CENTER APP"
  3. Install the app.
  4. Click on "Get Started"
  5. Click on"Use My Location" to find our church.
  6. Click on "Calvary Church".
  7. Click the "This is my church" button.
  8. Click "next".
  9. Enter your phone number.
  10. Right away, you will be sent a 6-digit code via text.
  11. Enter the code and click "next".
  12. Your name should pop up. If it doesn't, email us at [email protected] and we can fix it on our end.
  13. Click "Log in as _________".
  14. Once you are logged in, tap the profile icon in the top right-hand corner.
  15. Update your information and upload a profile picture.

Don't want the app but want to update your info in our data base? Click below.