Gifts for Children of Incarcerated Parents

Angel Tree is a ministry of Prison Fellowship that helps churches connect with children whose parents are incarcerated and unable to provide Christmas gifts for their children. There are over 1.5 mission children in America who have a parent in prison and Angel Tree helps to deliver a gift and a personal message to each of those children on behalf of their parents. When volunteers deliver the gifts they also provide a Bible and they can pray with the child receiving the gift. This ministry also opens the doors for churches to build relationships with families in their community in hopes of staying connected throughout the year.


Thank you to everyone who has called caregivers, purchased gifts, and will be wrapping gifts next week. The only teams we still need help with are our delivery team and our prayer team. Click below to sign up.


There are 5 bonus ways that you can participate in Angel Tree.

In addition to taking a tag from the tree and shopping for a child, there are five different teams that will be involved with making Angel Tree happen. Prayerfully consider which team(s) are the right fit for you and then fill out the form linked above and we will contact you with more information.

Contacting Angel Tree Families - already in progress

Volunteers on this team will make contact with Angel Tree families on the phone during the last two weeks in October to introduce our church, explain the goal of Angel Tree (if they aren't familiar with it) and gather information about the child(ren) and their gift requests. We will provide guidelines and talking points to volunteers. Each volunteer will contact about 5 families and it may take several attempts to reach a family. Once you have made contact with the family you will fill out a form with their information and gift requests.

Promoting Angel Tree to our Calvary Family (10 people needed)

This team will help set up a display in our lobby, fill out the tags that hang on the tree for people to pick up, work at the sign up table Sundays from November 7 - 21, and create instruction handouts for people picking up tags.

Collection & Wrapping Team (6 people)

This team will make sure that all of the gifts get brought in to the church and will check the gifts to make sure that they are appropriate and fit the request of the child. They will wrap all of the gifts, make cards with the messages from their parent, and then get the gifts sorted by families and ready for delivery with the family's information and address. This part will happen around December 8-12.

Delivery Team (15 people)

These volunteers will deliver gifts to the family's homes or work out for the family to pick up their gifts at Calvary between December 13 - 20. Due to Covid, how we handle deliveries and pick ups this year may look different than how it will in the future. Teams of 2-3 people will make deliveries together. We will provide instructions for how to connect with the families when you drop off the gifts. This team may plan some special things like providing homemade cookies to families at delivery and pick up. We will also be providing a Bible based on the age of the child and information about our church.

Prayer Team (unlimited)

The team will receive a list of the first names of every child that we are purchasing gifts for so that they can pray specifically for them and their families.