Community Outreach


The Party at the Park is our biggest outreach event of the year. We have lots of events throughout the year for our church family to connect with each other but this is not that kind of event. The Party at the Park is not for us... it is for our community. This event is specifically designed for our Calvary family to invite friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to a family friendly and free day of fun as an introduction to our church. There are two ways for you to get involved.


The most important thing that you can do is to think about someone who does not have a church, invite them to the Party at the Park, host them while they are there, and then follow up with an invitation to church. If you are hosting someone, you do not need to feel obligated to volunteer during the event. You are already serving by hosting your guests. You can always help with set up or clean up. Starting July 21st, we will have invitations in the lobby.


If you aren't hosting a guest, please sign up to volunteer for at least one shift, but ideally for two or three shifts. You can sign up for the same serving spot for the entire event or different spots. We do suggest that you not sign up for back to back spots in different areas because it's hard to get to the second spot on time. If you are signing up for different things, consider signing up for a shift at the beginning of the event, take a break, and then a shift at the end of the event. Even if you aren't "on duty", you can still help by chatting with guests, picking up trash laying around, or just being a friendly face.

SIGN UP TO SERVE - check all areas of interest and we will contact you with your assignments.