Apply for the 2023 Trip


Over the past 11 years, we have been raising money and drilling wells in Central America with Living Water. We have a new partnership with Honduras Well Projects which is a new ministry started by several of the LWI staff in-country. This will be our first trip with HWP. It will be very similar to previous LWI trips to Honduras. The team will work with many of the same staff and stay in the same hotels.

NOTE: The Honduras trip in 2023 is a rescheduled trip from 2020 and there are limited spots on the team.

Size of Team: 8 - 10 people—(5-6 drillers and 3-4 Bible/Hygiene teachers - although everyone will have the chance to help in different ways)


Approx Cost:  $1650 (which includes airfare, in-country transportation, lodging, food, etc. – basically everything except souvenirs!)


Applications Due: September 15, 2022

Payments Due: Nov 15, 2022 - $200  January 15, 2023 - $800  March 1, 2023 - $650

*If you have airlines credits those will be subtracted from the total amount due


Age Requirements:

Minimum age requirement is 15 by the date the trip leaves. If you are under age 18 and not going with a parent, you will have to have medical authorization given to a leader on the trip.


Will I need training?

No, Honduras Well Projects staff help train while you are on the trip. 


What will we do:

The team will fly into Houston on Friday night, stay overnight in a hotel, and fly to San Pedro Sula on Saturday. Staff from Honduras Well Projects will pick up the team at the airport and bring them to their hotel. On Sunday the team will worship at a local church on Sunday with the staff. On Monday, the team will head to the village, and work in the community begins. For four days, the team will work on the well or facilitate hygiene training and Bible lessons. We attempt to drill a shallow water well using a mud rotary hydraulic rig or an air drilling rig (depending on the location). The team members not drilling are part of the "J.O.Y" team which stands for Jesus, Others, and You. This team uses skits, crafts, songs and stories to teach about God the creator as well as hygiene education. Usually, the team finishes on the fifth day followed by a well-dedication ceremony. Depending on the progress of the well, there may be some time for souvenir shopping at the end of the trip.

The objectives of the trip are to drill a water well, teach Bible & hygiene to the kids, encourage the villagers, and work with God in a way that is totally different from what you experience in North America. The trip is not only about bringing clean water and the gospel but also about forming relationships with people in the village, the field staff, and the team. It is truly a life-changing experience.


Are we funding the well that we are helping to drill?

YES!! The entire $6500 will be paid for by the money raised from projects like the 10 Day Challenge, VBS offerings, and more!

Applications must be submitted by September 15, 2022 will be reviewed by Amy Anthony. Applicants will be chosen and contacted no later than September 30, 2022.

NOTE: All trip payments and donations to trips are non-refundable even if the trip is canceled due to unforeseen reasons. If that happens, we will do our best to get airline credits and hold on to your payments for future trips.

Form to be completed for Calvary:

Forms to be completed for Honduras Well Projects: