Hear from a few leaders.

We are living in unprecedented times. People are losing their jobs. Others are working overtime. Some are spending less money because of canceled vacations or working from home. Others are spending more money because of medical bills or unexpected childcare while school is out. This week, many of us will be getting checks deposited into our bank accounts from the government. For some, this money is desperately needed. For others, it's money they don't currently feel like they need. To help guide us as a church family, we have asked a few people (not on our church staff) to answer the following question:

With the economic uncertainty of our times, as a follower of Jesus, what should good stewardship look like?

Below are their thoughts. There is no right answer. But there are good, better and best choices for us as followers of Jesus. If you have questions or worries about your finances and would like to talk with someone, we are here to help! Use the chat button or reach out to one of our staff or leaders.