30 Day Journey to a Well-Ordered Life

Rule of Life

We have created a 30-day journal that takes you through learning about what a Rule of Life is and how to create your own rule.

What is a Rule of Life? A Rule of Life is a set of habits or rhythms that are in place in your life for you to be able to grow. The root word for rule is “regula”, where we get our word ruler from. It is also where the idea of the trellis comes from. Just as a trellis is put in the ground so a plant can slowly and healthily grow up it, so it is with a Rule of Life. It is a set of rules or rhythms that allows us to grow as followers of Jesus. A Rule of Life is simply an intentional and conscious plan to keep God at the center of your daily life.

This is also something that is not done in isolation. The hope is that for the next 30 days you will partner with a close friend, accountability partner, spouse, or roommate as you go on this journey. This may not be a comfortable or easy process, so it is important that you have someone to support you, to ask questions, be honest with, and care for and advise you well. So before beginning, pray and ask God for a companion on this pilgrimage. If you have someone to walk through this with, you are encouraged to put a plan into place.

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Videos that accompany the journal

Day 11: Spiritual Health
Day 18 - Relational Health
Day 25: Physical Health

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