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Reserve Your Spot for 9,10:20 or 11:40 AM Worship.


(see kids' guidelines below registration link)

To help ensure that we have enough space for everyone on October 25, please register by clicking the button below or going to the Church Center App* on your phone. Before registering, please read the guidelines below and let us know if you have any questions. These safety precautions will be in place while we are under a yellow light and will help us reduce the risk of spreading germs. We also encourage anyone who isn't ready for in-person worship to continue to live stream at home or find a small group of people who are taking similar safety precautions that you can join for worship.

*learn how to download the Church Center App at


  • Sanitize or wash your hands before entering the building. We will have stations set up by the entrance.
  • Masks will be required in the lobby and main room during both services. Kids 2 and under do not need to wear a mask. Kids 6 and under do not have to wear a mask when seated in the main room. They should wear a mask when walking from place to place.
  • Traditional service will be offered at the 9 am service in the side auditorium. Masks will be required.
  • Follow the recommended 6 foot social distancing in the lobby and in the main room.
  • No food or drinks where masks are required. You can bring a water bottle with you but only take your mask off when taking a drink of water.
  • The bathrooms will be open. The drinking fountains will be closed.
  • Our ushers will help you find seats when you arrive. Chairs will be spread out in the main room.
  • After service our ushers will dismiss by sections.
  • If you want to stay after to chat with friends, keep a safe distance and stay in the grass or parking lot so that we can keep the flow in and out of the building spaced out.
  • Stay home if you or someone in your family is sick or if you have been exposed to someone who has Covid-19.
  • Let us know if you develop symptoms after you have been in the building.


  • All Kids' Classes for 4th grade and under will be offered at the 9:00 and 10:20 services
  • Only Kid's Classes for 1st through 4th grade will be offered at the 11:40 service
  • Kids check in with parents in the main lobby and will receive their Name Tags at Kids' Check-In before going to class
  • All classes are indoors
  • All teachers and helpers will be wearing masks
  • Kids do not need to wear masks but we will honor parents who want their kids to wear a mask
  • Kids in 1st - 4th grade need to have a mask with them so that they can put them on if activities don't allow for social distancing
  • 5th graders will be joining middle school this fall (Sundays from 10:15 - 11:25 am)
  • Class sizes will be limited so register early
  • Registration for classes will close on Wednesday to allow us time to plan for safety
  • All snacks will be pre-packaged
  • If anyone in your family has symptoms (sore throat, fever etc) consistent with COVID please stay home
  • The weekly lesson will continue to be posted on the Info Hub for those worshiping at home