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A Conversation with Emily Sampson from Isaiah 117 House

Isaiah 117 House provides physical and emotional support in a safe and loving home for children awaiting foster care placement.

When children are removed from their homes out of the concern for their welfare, they are usually brought to the Department of Children's Services Offices to await placement with a safe family- relative, kinship, or foster. This wait can be several hours to nearly a full day. These children often have nothing with them and are scared, lonely, hungry, and often in dirty clothing.

Isaiah 117 wants to provide a comforting home where these children instead can be brought to wait-a place that is safe with friendly and loving volunteers who provide them clean clothes, smiles, toys, and snuggly blankets. This space will allow children to receive the comfort and care they need while DCS staff are able to complete the necessary paperwork and identify a good placement.

Information about the Land Donation

After months of investigation and prayer, the Calvary members voted to donate ½ acre of the back 18 acres that we own behind our main property to Isaiah 117 House. church office. We are so excited to be able to support this new ministry with the resources that we are privileged to have.


What would the relationship between Isaiah 117 House and Calvary be if we donated the land?

The relationship wouldn't change from what it is now - - we financially support their ministry on a monthly basis and have church members interested in volunteering. Isaiah 117 House would be fully autonomous from Calvary and continue to raise their own support and be governed by their board of directors. We expect that our relationship would grow as neighbors and co-labors for Christ but officially we would have no input into the ministry or obligations for funding beyond our budgeted support.

Where will the 1/2 acre donation come from on the property?

We will work with representatives from Calvary and Isaiah 117 House to find the best location on the land that works for their needs and allows Calvary opportunities to build in the future. The most likely area is along Salisbury closer to the road and not set back off the road. We are checking with the city and the engineers who helped with the original sewer work.

Do we have plans to build on the land in the future?

At this time, we do not have any plans for the 18 acres. Part of the land is being used as drainage and retention as per city requirements. When the land was purchased it was intended to be used for ministry and we are open to other opportunities that may arise in the future. Being able to donate the land to a faith-based ministry that aligns with our Calvary vision is an exciting opportunity.

What are the financial responsibilities to Calvary for donating the land?

Isaiah 117 House will cover any of the expenses related to a survey, zoning permits etc. Other than donating the land, there are no expenses for Calvary to cover.

What will happen to the land if Isaiah 117 House closes?

There will be a deed restriction that states that all land and any improvements revert to Calvary if Isaiah 117 House were to close. They could not sell the land or use it for any other purpose than the Isaiah 117 ministries.

When would construction begin?

Isaiah 117 House has the funds, plans and contractor to start building as soon as possible. There would be permits needed through the city but construction could start by the end of the summer.

How will this affect the soccer program that currently uses the land?

We have already spoken to the program leaders and they may lose one field but they could continue to use the land.

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