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Take the Challenge!

GOAL: 1000 Balls = 1000 Invites

For the past few weeks we have been learning about the amazing transformation God did in Paul's life. We have been challenged to write and share our story of how we encountered Christ and what He has done in our life. One way to share what we know is to invite others to church. There are lots of new people moving into town, students looking for a home away from home church, and thousands in our community looking for truth and hope in the midst of a challenging season of life. To help encourage you to invite someone you know, we have created a fun challenge and a way to help us visualize and pray for our potential new church family.

On Sunday September 13th we will wrap up our Saul to Paul series with a challenge.

  1. Think of someone to invite to church. Pray that God would put someone on your heart and mind.
  2. Take a followers packet to use as an invite. (if you aren't joining us in person yet, you can invite someone to livestream services as well!)
  3. Invite!
  4. On Sunday, September 20th, write the initials of the person you invited and add it to the ball container. Add a ball for each person. If you invite a family of 6, that's six balls!

Our staff will be praying for the people that those balls represent. We would LOVE to see 1000 balls filling the container. Kids and students can join in the challenge too!

Can't be there in person? Let us know the initials of those you invite and we will add the ping pong balls for you!